Shreyash Trivedi

Shreyash Trivedi


Shreyash is a certified life coach, trained by various Masters since 1995 in different complementary healing modalities. In the last 25 years, he has been continuously working towards creating pathways to make purpose-driven life and a community platform where everyone can reach out for resolving physical, mental, emotional, and psychological issues. Shreyash works through various modalities like Reiki, The Reconnection, Redikall consciousness, Bio-Energy Healing, Kinesiology, and Yuen Method.

Shreyash started his training in Taichi and Qigong with Sifu Carlton Hill in India and further extended his training with Sifu Wing Cheung based out of Hongkong & Canada to become an International Instructor of Taichi Qigong Shibashi and teach Qigong.

Shreyash, got the opportunity to connect with Aatman, the founder of Redikall Consciousness and learn the ways to deep dive into the subconscious through the Redikall and heal. Shreyash is now an advanced level mentor and helps in resolving issues through Redikall. He has found a unique blend of therapy alongwith with Qigong and other healing modalities, that helps in creating a transformation in health and well-being.

Shreyash is the Founder of Inner Alchemy India™ a Wellness Institute. His work in Inner Alchemy India is to help people start understanding their energies and enables them to harness, cultivate and restore it to create a complete harmony & balance.

About Inner Alchemy India

The key phrase ‘Inner Transformation’ in the title is a bit of a misnomer I must admit from the start. All work that deals with change is inner work and I would stretch it as far as saying that there is nothing but inner work albeit what our sense experience might tell us. Alchemy is about inner work that leads to purification, transforming the metaphorical lead into gold, and ultimately reaching our highest human potential. The idea of an alchemist working in a workshop concocting potions is an iconic reference to alchemical processes but it’s only a metaphorical and symbolic one reflecting deeper layers of meaning mostly dealing with inner psychic work.

One of the key elements in alchemical work is in fact the deep understanding that the inner is reflected in the outer and the outer is nothing more than a reflection of the inner. The process of real deep inner work is always within the confines of this deep truth. The alchemist is one who has learned to see beyond the immediacy of common-sense experience in whatever he or she does.

The purpose of Inner Alchemy™ is to explore who we truly are and our potential as human beings. Inner Alchemy™ refers to the alchemical tradition where it was understood that if you found the “philosophers stone”, you would be able to transmute baser metals into gold. It was, of course, a metaphor that referred to an inner transformation. Inner Alchemy™ is the art of transforming any state of suffering like unworthiness, loneliness, or sadness into an essential state like love, joy or peace. The transformation of what we call “negative” emotions or energies or patterns, old habits and beliefs, happens inside ourselves when we apply these basic alchemical tools.

In allowing and exploring all the layers that reveal themselves, any issue is transformed into essential energy, into something beautiful within us, thus revealing more and more of who we are. A side effect of that is more energy & aliveness. 

The work in Inner Alchemy™ India helps you to start understanding your energies and enables you to harness, cultivate and restore it, to create a comfortable balance, to know your deep layers of the subconscious mind, and how to make it work for you.   

Inner Alchemy as per Taoism is a collection of esoteric principles that increases longevity through physical, mental, and spiritual practices. It initiates a healthy and balanced life.

When we make our essence complete, we can rejuvenate the body. Our desires and wants are to be dropped and give our body, permission to relax, and at ease. Thereby we can complete the flow of energy as a whole.

One can nurture the mind by completing one’s energy. This is made possible by first purifying the mind, and ensure that we are not disturbed by our thoughts. This regular practice thereby completes the spirit.

As we make our spirit complete, we unearth emptiness. To attain this, our will has to be kept sincere, and ensure that we unite our body and mind. Thus, we can bring the spirit, back to emptiness. There is nothing else but the continuous refinement of these three treasures: essence, energy, spirit that enables us to attain immortality.

When we create a balance of yin-yang to harmonize these “three treasures” internally, we attain a healthy and harmonious body. These treasures lead to longevity and are the main goals of internal alchemy.

In TCM, energies of the physical body are also termed as Jing “essence”. As we age, the primordial Qi, our life force energy keeps depleting, and once it depletes completely, it is the basis of our death hence, caused by depleting one’s jing. Cultivating the primordial Qi or the life force energy through the practice of Qigong and Neigong in Daoist internal alchemy claimed that preserving Jing has resulted in achieving one’s longevity.

Qi or chi is defined as the “natural life force energy or Prana of the universe” and prevails in everyone and everything. Through inner alchemy, we can obtain a positive flow of qi through our meridians in our body in paths moving to each individual organ.


“My purpose is to radiate love and light with complete inner stillness and joy. Since my childhood, I have been inspired by many masters and have closely followed their philosophy. In my Teens, once my mother gave me a book called “The game of life and how to play it” written by Florence Scovel Shinn. It changed the way I understood life and became my daily reckoner and made me actively started practicing metaphysics. Though I completed my formal education, to lead a successful career in the corporate world, it really didn’t fulfill my longing, and kept me always a seeker towards my purpose”.  ~ Shreyash


  1. To teach various forms, and styles of Qigong and Qigong meditation and Prevail health & wellness.

  2. To practice healing therapies for Physical, Psychological, Emotional, and energetical illness through techniques of Redikall Consciousness, Bio- Energy Healing & Kinesiology.

  3. To practice and treasure the techniques, styles like Taichi Qigong Shibashi and other traditional art forms different schools and institutes. 

  4. To conduct workshops and exchange programs with organizations of similar purpose in India and abroad by introducing each other towards the common purpose of health and wellness through Healing Therapies, Qigong, and meditation.

  5. To conduct the programs and events to encourage people and work as a healing centre to enhance the people’s interest in their well being through these art forms. 

  6. To conduct workshops and seminars in various parts of India and abroad. 

  7. Opening and operating centres for training and education of various forms of healing therapies, Qigong, and meditation.

  8. To create various curriculum of healing therapies and Qigong to resolve different types of health-related ailments and issues with the help of educational institutes, education board, and universities.

  9. To spread the very thought of well being and harmony in various cultures for health and wellness and further develop it through regular or intermittent publications.

  10. To propagate the art by printing and publishing literature.

  11. To use digital technology and create audiovisual programs through various modern methods.