Bio Energy Healing

It is a technique of using bioenergy to heal ourselves. It is simple, powerful, non-invasive and effective healing technique with or without touch with beneficial effects, regardless of person’s age or condition for which he or she is being treated.

It’s a natural modality, and the therapist is taking the energy from nature, and we are part of it. The process does not attract specialized equipment or physical manipulation. It is a deep sense of relaxation that we experience during the treatment. It deals with physical, emotional, psychological issues from prevention and cure.

At an atomic and cellular level in our body we have a triad of protons, electrons and neutrons as it is surrounded and supported by energy called a microcosm, and hold the intelligence of the universe, that enables transference of data for the construction of the physical body as well as the connection between our physical, emotional and spiritual being. 

The fundamental principle on which this form of therapy is based, is that at the time we are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy and satisfied, the energy of our body flows freely and helps us maintain our health and build our immune system. Due to stress, injury, disease and/or emotional breakdown can cause disturbance in the flow.

The work is basically to balance the energy systems in our body as a conduit, the communication during the energy transfer is held at a quantum level where time space reality does not exists. The therapy has a holistic, all-encompassing hence its purpose is to remove symptoms of an illness, and more importantly the cause of illness itself and improving the quality of life.


USD $100.00