Taichi Structure & Qigong Mode Requirements – Level-1

This course teaches the essentials of effective qigong practice. It demonstrates how to use our mind in conjunction with proper movements in alignment to achieve the ultimate benefits of qi flow within us. This is an indispensable knowledge for people who are committed and not just interested practitioners! This wisdom will benefit us even in our daily activities and can be applied to any style of qigong as a whole.

A lot of observers has an assumption that Tai chi & Qigong is predominantly a slower variant of an aerobic exercise. This could be true if it wouldn’t have had so many benefits compared to any other similar looking practice. This happens not only by simply doing the movements correctly. There are many intricate and subtle research behind each movement that most people are not able to fathom. For example: How should you place your toe? Which part of your body should move first, when you squat down? When you move, how light should you feel your arms? The most important is when you are doing Qigong, what should your state of mind? This course trains you to practice Qigong properly rather than just repeating the movements.

What you will assimilate in This Course:

  • Different types of Qigong. The fundamental theory of Qi.
  • The essence of major energy gateways in your body.
  • The best and least time to practice and to avoid practice of qigong.
  • How to build an effective digestive system through a simple qigong practice, for your body to convert the food into qi properly.
  • The essential structure & posture requirements to optimize qi flow, and how we can connect with the cosmic Qi and the earth Qi.
  • To attain a efficient state of mind, you will learn 3 qigong techniques to guide your mind which activates your self-healing ability.
  • Learn dantian breathing which will stimulate all the meridians; this habit will make you relax and is like doing Qigong 24/7.

What you will Benefit out of this course:

  • Learn to regulate the Qi in your body.
  • Understand the measure of light body through making your arms light like a feather.
  • Make yourself grounded and in balance by Sinking the Qi to the lower dantian.
  • Learn to make the Qi flow through the pathways and relax the muscles completely.
  • Learn your movements through Taichi Pole and Taichi structure, to enable your movements in sync with the flow of the Qi, this will save lot of energy when you apply this to your daily life.
  • Learn to avoid knee injury through proper structure and postures.
  • Learn to open the Kua(Pelvis) for enhanced Qi flow.


~ 2 months – Eight one hour sessions Or 2 day intensive workshop (7 hours per day).


USD $149.00