Taichi Qigong Shibashi Level -1

There are more than 1000 styles of Qigong. Shibashi is one of the most popular styles of qigong around the world as it is effective and easy to learn. This qigong is designed to equally balance the Qi flow hence it is more popular all over the world. The basis is to synchronize the gentle and deep breathing along with the gentle movements thus makes it very effective as a simple and easy routine. As a practitioner and now a coach, I have experienced that many people as beginners, start to feel Qi and experience significant improvement in their health within just few weeks of their sincere practice.

You will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of qigong. Its focus is on the fundamental movements and essential structure and stances of first set of 18 movements. It also encompasses a brief introduction to Inner Alchemy.

What you will assimilate in this course:

  • This will cover the 3 major types of qigong, the moving, standing and sitting qigong along with the wuji posture.
  • The conceptual and technical teaching of 18 movements from the first set.
  • Theory of Qigong, Qi practices and its short term and long term health benefits.
  • The technical aspects, its method and details surrounding each Shibashi movement.
  • Different types of Yin and Yang breathing techniques, Abdominal, Dantian and reverse Dantian.
  • When one enters a Qigong mode, how one experiences the changes in stress levels, and is its impact on physiological being.
  • After practicing Shibashi, what feelings you should expect, and how will you interpret the meaning behind each of these feelings.
  • Corrections of common mistakes while practicing Shibashi. Without these changes the whole meaning of how to optimize the benefits cannot be sought.

What you will benefit out of this course:

  • Regulating the Qi and Improving the health issues.
  • Improves fitness – Strength, Endurance, Speed, Agility, coordination, flexibility.
  • Loosens and strengthens joints and muscles.
  • Balances and controls weight.
  • Re-energizes and Rejuvenates the integration within mind, body & spirit.
  • Balances the emotions and reduces stress, & anxiety.
  • Builds mindfulness and improves concentration and intuitive abilities.


  • 3 months- Twelve one hour sessions Or 2 day intensive workshop (7 hours per day).
  • Extra follow-up sessions for corrections.


USD $299.00