Redikall Healing

“All that exists in the universe has a purpose, even if we are not aware of it. If we are existing, we have a certain role to play and we have a certain learning as well as a certain gift embedded in the core experience of life”.

Redikall Healing comes from the art of “Redikall”, which has the potential to radically transform your life. In simple terms it means “Healing Radically”.

The root cause of every dis-ease is thought. Redikall healing involves diagnosing this thought with the help of a crystal pendulum, reversing it with the appropriate affirmation and re-confirming the same with the help of Chakra Dowsing. If the affirmation is appropriate, the chakras will resonate and open and at times the issue at hand is immediately resolved. Also a perceivable shift in the “being” is often accompanied by a sigh of relief as the light of a positive thought induced by a correctly designed affirmation dispels the darkness of the erroneous thought process.

  • The aim of this healing process is to diagnose the core issue or the central belief which is leading to various challenges in life.
  • To understand the individual personalities so that relationships can be redefined and redesigned with better perspective.
  • To understand the correlation between your subconscious mind and its effect on your energy system.
  • To diagnose the imbalance in the energy body and correlate that with the incongruous thought process.
  • To heal through appropriate affirmations after arriving at the core issue through chakra reading.

Your mind is like a computer, which can avail you a lot of answers, solutions, guidance, and direction. However, due to information overload, you may slow down, retrieval may get delayed and you often remain confused, dull, lost and exhausted. Your connectivity to the higher consciousness can also get hampered. It helps you to set powerful techniques to de-clutter your mind, re-organize your information storage system, creates space for positivity and refines your response system to external challenges.

It also help you in healing/guiding yourself. Improve memory and focus, reduce the mood swings and remain calm. Regain the focus and sharpness, improve your

What do you learn

  • Instant freedom from stressful emotions.
  • How to bridge your Conscious and Subconscious Mind
  • How to find answers, solutions, directions, and guidance from and through your Subconscious Mind
  • Learning to communicate with the Body Consciousness.
  • Anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and emotional hurt management
  • Understanding your Subconscious Mind through Mind Metaphor System.
  • How to Heal Self.
  • How to remain positive, energetic, radiant and brilliant irrespective of challenges in the outer world. 


USD $100.00

~ Includes follow-up sessions.