Taichi Structure & Qigong Mode Requirements – Level-2

This course will accelerate your Qigong practice, a next phase of the Level 1 protocol. It introduces you to the inner work and practices which transcends the physical mode. It ensures the Qi to penetrate deeper into your body. The deeper Qi goes, the more transformational it becomes. It takes over the stagnation and reorganizes with the innate intelligence thus resolving physical, emotional, psychological issues and preventing them.

In this advance level integration, you will continue to work with all the practices of level-1 further additionally in much more depth and nuances. When you practice this course religiously, then Taichi Structure & Qigong mode will improve significantly. You will progress in many techniques and regimen in this course from the level -1.

What you will assimilate In this Course:

  • Knowing Jing, Wei Qi and few theories of TCM.
  • Knowing your meridians and their importance, and how to activate them.
  • Understanding the front channel activation, knowing the Jia Ji gate and its role.
  • In the advanced requirements, learning to maintain proper posture.
  • Knowing your spine alignments for structure improvements and its exercises.
  • Learning to open the Kua and its benefits through opening exercises, and testing it whether you can open it conveniently and relax.
  • Basic practice to prevent Qi leakage, remedy over premature ejaculation, lack of voluntary control over urination and defecation.
  • Joint practice session for correction of spine alignments.
  • An inner martial art technique to enhance your vitality which can prevent any major sickness for the rest of your life.

What You Will Benefit out of this course:

  • You will be able to enhance your awareness and mindfulness.
  • You will be calmer and learn to harmonize your emotions instantly.
  • Will know how to work with the middle Dantian and activate it.
  • Enable the Qi to penetrate deeper by opening the four major gateways.
  • Understand your rhythm and construct by finding through yinyang principle.
  • Regulate your blood system by adopting a special breathing method to harmonize your yinyang balance.
  • Detoxify your emotional toxins to release the energies that is not working for you and your health.
  • Establish your connection with the Dantian and four limbs to enable Qi flow.


~ 2 months – Eight one hour sessions Or 2 day intensive workshop (7 hours per day).


USD $149.00