Are you in integrity with yourself?

Integrity is not necessarily honesty. It means, integration with various aspects of our being or personality.

It is the alignment and harmony between who we are and who we want to be. So, who we are and who we want to be, is the same and are not different aspects of us.

When we are not in integrity! with various facets of our personality, then parts of us are scattered.

It breaks the circuit! and disconnects us with our higher consciousness. We start lacking clarity! and decision making becomes difficult.

When we are out of integrity! with what our mind wants, what our heart needs! and our soul purpose! It creates a conflict.

We gradually, start to lose control of our situations and disempower ourselves by relying on other’s opinions and decisions. It eventually leads to generating low self-esteem and a lot of fear stress and anxiety.

To, cultivate inner peace! and stillness, it is extremely critical for us to be in sync with our total being as a whole, and get in alignment with our thoughts actions and deeds.

When our aspirations! integrate with our mind, heart, and soul. Then, we are truly in integrity with ourselves!

When we become mindful of any disharmony within us, then it is possible to create synergy! and carve out a successful life! for us.

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Shreyash Trivedi

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