Healing Journey Through Bio-Energy Healing.

This is a real life situation experienced by my friend for his elder brother who got impacted with corona virus. I feel proud that I could be of little service to him in helping his brother’s situation. Nikheel has narrated his experience as under:

~Shreyash and I were colleagues at Madura Garments. Our professional association turned into a close friendship due to common professional and social interests.

I had a recent medical crisis in my Family. My elder brother acquired an acute COVID infection and was in an ICU on oxygen support in a Pune hospital. As most of us do during a crisis situation, I too turned to a few of my close friends and Shreyash was one of them.

I was briefly aware of his healing practices. I explained my brother’s condition to him, and he offered to help with Bio-energy through distant healing and worked with him for four-day sessions of Bio-Energy healing.

As a very honest analytical feedback, I wish to state that there was a good recovery in my brother’s health during and post the sessions. He was discharged from the hospital in a few days post the sessions. I wish to thank Shreyash for his help and support offered to me and my family during the hour of crisis.

I am sure his expertise in this field of Healing and Qigong Practices will help a lot many, not only for a cure but more towards the prevention of an ailment. I wish him all the very best in his new endeavor.

Thanks a Trillion Shreyash.

~ Nikheel Ranade.

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Shreyash Trivedi

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