My Compelling thought today? What is Yours?

~A Reminder to open up by effectively addressing my Pride, Ego & Righteousness.

~Affirmation: I humbly open up to the possibilities, places & people.

The Learning & Awareness –

Ego, pride and righteousness are amazing defences to mask our shortcomings. The more the awareness about our shortcomings, the more is the need to have stronger defences.

We seldom realize that our defences threaten others and invite further offences and the cycle repeats yet again. Somewhere we need to break this cycle. Smallness and greatness are relative phenomena and are completely dependent on our need for experiences.

In order to feel small, we simply have to compare ourselves with someone who is greater than us in our perception. At times, we choose to feel small, to be in touch without shortcomings, to keep looking at our flaws, with the noble intent to continue growing in life.

But seldom do we realise that the energy goes where our thoughts go.

If we keep focusing on our flaws, we will invite other to follow suit, and at the same time when the situation becomes unnerving, we wall up and hide behind a huge barrier of our ego and pride.

At times the kick we get out of our pride and righteousness is so addictive that we keep inviting challenging situations to fight it out with pride or righteousness, to get a pseudo sense of strength.

If your defence game is coming in the way of opening up to a relationship, certain people, possibilities or potentials, you may consider changing your game plan and play a more constructive game instead. The game can end when you embrace the part of your personality which felt small, inadequate or wrong.

Accept that we are all human and we all have a potential to err. It is only by accepting, integrating and embracing all that we are, we rise above our human stories.

In Peace & Gratitude,

June 24, 2020.

My Compelling Thought Today

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